The Perth Linux User Group are flying me across next month to speak, complete with on-couch accommodation! But since I can't find an easily-linkable synopsis of my talk, here are the details:

It's hard to describe the joy of coding, if you haven't experienced it,  but in this talk will try to capture some of it.  Free/Open Source lets us remove the cruft which forecloses on the joy of coding: seize this chance!

I'll talk about some of my favourite projects over the last 15 years of  Free Software coding: what I did, how much fun it was and some surprising results which came from it.  I'll also discuss some hard lessons learned about joyless coding, so you can avoid it.  There will also be a sneak peak from my upcoming talk.

There'll be some awesome code to delight us.  And if you're not a programmer we'll take you our journey and show you the moments of  brilliance which keep us coding.