Superfreakonomics; Superplug for Intellectual Ventures.

I enjoyed Levitt & Dubner’s “Freakonomics”, and picked up the followup “Superfreakonomis” recently at an airport.  The last chapter, however, was astonishing.  The entire chapter was devoted to a glowing advertisement for Intellectual Ventures, pointing out that they own 20,000 patents “more than all but a few dozen companies in the world”, but of course […]

LWN Quotes Of The Week

I have been petitioning Jon Corbet to introduce a “Supporter” level subscription to LWN; I think given his failure to keep up with inflation and my need to experience conferences vicariously I feel deeply indebted to them. That lead to me looking through LWN Quote of The Week; there’s no neat index of these things.  […]

Hash Tables: In A Cache-Sensitive World? (FIXED)

(FIXED: my “NoMatched” bench was bogus, and actually the same as “Matched” case. Graphs changed, but conclusions the same.) Everyone loves hash tables; certainly the networking code in the kernel uses them heavily and I do too.  But with more work on TDB (which is basically a hash table in a file), I’ve been re-measuring […]

Followup: lrzip

Mikael noted in my previous post that Con Kolivas’s lrzip is another interesting compressor.  In fact, Con has already done a simple 64-bit enhance of rzip for lrzip, and on our example file it gets 56M vs 55M for xz (lrzip in raw mode, followed by xz, gives 100k worse than just using lrzip: lrzip […]