Jeremy Fitzhardinge's Candid Shot of Rusty Russell

I’m a Free Software coder, currently in Australia.   There’s a little bit about me on Wikipedia.

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  1. Love your work Rusty…
    You and a few others are those inspiring us in the “so-called” under-developed countries in this digital world.
    Love the work on netfilter/iptables (just looked at it a bit, not gone through the code yet though)…;-)

  2. Hello sir, I came to know about you through a research paper I was reading about Linux and it mentioned about your research work on hypervisor. I’m an MS-CS student currently in search of a research topic for my master’s thesis and future PhD dissertation. Through a search over on web, I found hypervisor topic to be very interesting. As your research is currently going on in this area can your tell me something more about it and possibly suggest a thesis title? I would be very greatfull to you. Looking forward for your assistance. Please mail me your valuable suggestion on the following email address – anand.jambhulkar@gmail.com

  3. Hi Rusty….I used Fedora from some year. With the last release 18, implemt Firewalld . What do you thinks?

    I am in the middle to use this or disable and use iptables


    Mauro Rampi

  4. Is it deliberate that I cannot comment on old posts?

    I was wanting to comment on http://rusty.ozlabs.org/?p=450 (“Lightning Networks Part I: Revocable Transactions”) requesting that you mention that using disposable private keys to get revocable transactions has been replaced by using disposable hash preimages instead, as described in https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/blob/master/doc/deployable-lightning.pdf for example.

    It would be useful to include a note to that effect in your older post, because it had me confused for a while.

    1. Hi Chris! Thanks, I’ll put a note in the post.

      I ended up timing out comments simply because after a few weeks it’s been 100% spam. However, I’m easy to email :)

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