Pettycoin Alpha01 Tagged

As all software, it took longer than I expected, but today I tagged the first version of pettycoin.  Now, lots more polish and features, but at least there’s something more than the git repo for others to look at!

2 thoughts on “Pettycoin Alpha01 Tagged”

  1. Will it help the network in anyway if I run a gateway? It was not clear to me in the page.

    What can I run to help the Pettycoin network today? I started watching your project this month. Very nice.

    1. Heh… thanks for the offer! At the moment, not really. The gateway code is pretty primitive, and it’s likely to be rewritten at least once.

      Running a node is possible, though I had an I/O bug and the two seed nodes have currently diverged. Which is a great test case, so I’ve left it like that for the moment. Should be resolved by the end of today (unless I find a new bug!).

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