Rusty Goes on Sabbatical, June to December

At I spoke about my pre-alpha implementation of Pettycoin, but progress since then has been slow.  That’s partially due to yak shaving (like rewriting ccan/io library), partially reimplementation of parts I didn’t like, and partially due to the birth of my son, but mainly because I have a day job which involves working on Power 8 KVM issues for IBM.  So Alex convinced me to take 6 months off from the day job, and work 4 days a week on pettycoin.

I’m going to be blogging my progress, so expect several updates a week.  The first few alpha releases will be useless for doing any actual transactions, but by the first beta the major pieces should be in place…

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  1. Hey Congrats Rusty on the Birth of your Son.

    Just reading through your how to documentation over on on and wanted to send through a thank you. From a CS major but network illiterate who spends his time tinkering with databases I’m really enjoying filling in some blanks.


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