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Looking forward to 2013

This year’s organizers took specific pains to attract deep content, and the schedule reflects that: there are very few slots where I’m not torn between two topics.  This will be great fun!

After a little introspection, I did not submit a talk this year.  My work in 2012 was with Linaro helping with KVM on ARM: that topic is better addressed by Christoffer Dall, so I convinced him to submit (unfortunately, he withdrew as January became an untenable time for him to travel).  My other coding work was incremental, not revolutionary: module signatures, CCAN nor ntdb shook the ground this year.  There just wasn’t anything I was excited about: a reliable litmus test.

See you at LCA!

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1 Comment for Looking forward to 2013

clinton roy | January 16, 2013 at 1:45 pm

Great, plenty of time to talk about podcasts then.



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