1 Week to Go, and Rusty Goes Offline

Just as the Linux kernel merge window closes, I’m going offline.  My wedding is exactly a week away, but I’ll be entertaining guests and doing final preparation.  I’ll be back from our honeymoon and wading through mail on the 7 May.

Alex’s “A Bald Target” campaign to raise awareness for TimeForKids has been a huge success, even though we’re currently far short of the hair-shaving goal.  She’s been on one of the local radio stations, with newspaper coverage expected this weekend; two local TV stations want to cover the actual shave if it happens.  The charity is delighted with the amount of publicity they have received; given that they need local people to volunteer to mentor the disadvantaged children, that’s worth at least as much as the money.

Special thanks to a couple of people who donated direct to the charity, to avoid causing baldness!  And yes, if we were starting again, having competing “shave” vs “save” campaigns would have been awesome…

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