A Plea For Help: Charity

En-haired Fiancée Alex with my daughter Arabella

I’m getting married in just over five weeks!

My fiancée is raising money for charity; if we raise $50,000 by the big day, she will shave her head at the wedding.  Alexandra has had long hair all her life: she’s terrified but determined, so I’m determined to help.

We’re already asking for donations in lieu of wedding presents, but if you’ve ever wanted to buy me a beer for ipchains, iptables, netfilter, module-init-tools, lguest, CCAN, Rusty’s Unreliable Guides, CALU, or any other reason, I’ll take a $100/$20/$5 donation here instead :)

(Compulsory Facebook page here).

7 replies on “A Plea For Help: Charity”

  1. givenow.com.au makes it really hard for folks outside Australia to donate :(

    One must register for an account, and that requires a manual approval from a givenow.com.au admin. Still waiting for their approval…

  2. How annoying!

    Hmm, seemed to work for me: Selected “Don’t use My Giving”, then Continue, then Enter a Foreign Address, then fill it in and Continue, then it took CC details.

    At that point, I stopped, so is the fail point after there?

  3. After creating a new account I get this: “Your email account has been verified. As you have signed up from outside of Australia GiveNow staff have to activate your account before you can start making donations. When it has been activated you will receive an email from us.”

    I did that 3 times already, but no word has been heard from them so far.

    They must be thinking I’m a bot :)

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