Not Buying Another HTC

Sent back my HTC Magic for warranty repair (wouldn’t charge) and they upgraded firmware; I can’t install cyanogenmod on it any more, making it fairly useless to me.  I spent two days of my holiday time trying and failing the goldcard lottery.

I just dropped my other HTC Magic and shattered the glass, so I’m in the market for a new Android phone via ebay.  Given my phones only last about 6-12 months, any advice for older cyanogenmod-friendly phones?  Or should I just give in and pay $500 for a Samsung Galaxy S?

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  1. Like you, I chose not to buy another HTC device.

    I don’t regret buying two Galaxy S phones (one for me, one for my wife). I would make the same decision again today — though if I were on T-mobile instead of AT&T I’d be tempted to hold out for the rumored Nexus S…

    My complaints so far are typical for Galaxy S owners: GPS slow to lock on, compass is jittery and inaccurate (makes google skyview hard to use, for example), no Froyo shipped yet for my particular device (I miss voice commands from my previous phone, and I’d like my browser security fixes, please!), and the camera, while better than my previous phone, could be improved on.

    I like that Samsung released source code, that it’s not locked down, that it’s thin and light, that the gorilla glass seems to work to avoid scratches, that battery life has been acceptable, and that it has reasonably capacious internal storage as well as a microSD slot.

    All that said, Cyanogenmod support is not done yet; I wouldn’t buy it for Cyanogenmod support out of the box if that was my requirement. But then, most of phones listed as supported by Cyanogenmod right now are HTC phones, so…

  2. I’m happy with our new HTC Desires – modded with cyanogen – though you may only be able to get them with Telstra (you are in Oz correct?)

  3. I had an original Galaxy i7500 that received NO updates.

    Samsung: NO OTA updates, software to use for updates is windows only and _complete_ crap, they are also extremely slow with updates. I think they will screw over their customers any time they can.

    My brother has a Galaxy S and from what I saw Samsung completely “revamped” the UI, making it very non-functional for me at least.

    I switched to HTC Desire and am happy with it. Maybe next time a normal Google phone but that was not possible when I switched.

  4. The only complaint about the Galaxy S my friends have made is the stock firmware uses Samsung’s own file-system which tends to hobble it a little. However it is a fine piece of hardware.

    Like others I’m holding out for the next dev phone so I know it’s hackable from the start.

  5. I don’t use carrier-supplied phones so I don’t expect OTA updates. I also use independent ROMs; took me a while to first get CyanogenMod installed, but I fell in love with the “bleeding edge” feeling. Reminded me of the “you may blow up your monitor” days of X configuration in my youth…

    Anyway, the good news is that in researching whether various phones can be reflashed, I came across rageagainstthecage, which after three hours of exploration got me Cyanogenmod again on my HTC Magic 32A.

    And a big fuck you to HTC for making me crack root on my own damn phone!

  6. If HTC will not Update Android for the Desire (from froyo to gingerbread) then that was my last HTC as well!

    Bought a Wildfire for my GF and she’s got some small issues with the touchscreen…

    Since they got really big in the consumer market, they have been doing nothing else but slacking off!

  7. > And a big fuck you to HTC for making me crack root on my own damn phone!

    In that case you should maybe go for a Nokia N900, root access from the start

    BTW I also don’t have a carrier-supplied phone

  8. I would love to see some of the more known hackers have a Galaxy S. Thus getting more people with a clue behind the phone I have, I believe I saw a comment by Harald Welte indicating he had one as well. Anyways: CM is coming. In the meantime, 2.1 (JM8 + voodoo) provides 3+ days of runtime on a single charge. Far to many Froyo mods to choose from. I’ll wait and see a bit. Initial CM reports are promising.

  9. Don’t write off HTC there, others would likely do the same during service. What you need is to get a phone that is intentionally sold unlocked. A Nexus One today (available by signing up as a developer) or the rumored soon to be Nexus S are fine candidates for that.

    Customer support wise I’d imagine HTC assumes installing the latest firmware when they lay their hands on a phone is doing both them and most customers a service.

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