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Rusty’s Travels

Headed through Germany 26th through 3rd March or so, then Lithuania via Poland.  Back via Singapore on 24/25 March.

My email will be intermittent (I hope!) but if you’re around and want to grab a meal or a beer with us, ping me!

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Rusty Finally Enters Web 1.1

Jeff Waugh long ago suggested I switch to WordPress.  I had a few toy blogs with WP, and it worked well, but the final motivation to stop banging out raw HTML and feeding it to blosxom was that I have a new Android phone (I lost my second-hand one sometime at the last farm visit, so it was time to ask the Ozlabbians who know this stuff what to get: the answer was the HTC Magic).  And being able to blog on the train increases the chance that I’ll actually blog regularly.

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