Linux Users of Victoria: Tuesday 6th April

Several months ago Donna Benjamin convinced me to speak at LUV, and now the time is approaching.  My intent is to give a talk about bits and pieces, and rely on questions to see what the audience is interested in.  Pretty casual and should be heaps of fun if you’re nearby.

I will also be taking the chance to drop by Lonely Planet; one of the places we stayed in Lithuania had seen an influx of foreign tourists since being featured in their guide, so they forced a note and a bottle of their vodka on us to take to LP.  Naturally, we Australians all know each other, so I couldn’t turn them down :)

One reply on “Linux Users of Victoria: Tuesday 6th April”

  1. When I saw this post on I was getting excited; after all it made its appearance there yesterday (Thursday 6th Feb, 2014). Then I had a closer look at the proposed date; 6th April? What year is that.

    Ahh. I see.

    Maybe we will have you as a speaker later this (2014) year?

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